Monday, December 28, 2009

Cause You Gotta Have Friends! (who give you praise and talk about you & only you!)

I went to bed very late last night. Oddly enough, I’m the type of person who always goes to bed on time (and stresses when it’s “past her bedtime”… just not openly). On nights I don’t have improv or anything to do, I’m in bed by 12 because that will give me a full eight hours of sleep. I’m all about my eight hours of sleep. Last night I got maybe four.

But it wasn’t so bad waking up this morning. I mean, I hated it, yelled "FUCK!... MY LIFE" and definitely wanted to kill myself – don’t get me wrong! But it wasn’t so bad being woken up by a cute little white dog licking my face. Banjo slept in my room the past few nights (when I was home), so I think he knows what time I need to be up. That or he was just really sick of me and wanted to get me out of bed and harass Kiley.

And even though I’m confused as to why I didn’t take these three unnecessary days off from work, it’s okay. Again, I definitely want to kill myself right now (why the hell did I drink last night?) but whatever. I did that to myself.

Plus, last night’s show (featuring Michael Anastasia!) was one of the best we’ve had in a while! Being in the round and having a big crowd helped, but it just felt great. And I found it funny that I did two new sketches (both girls were out, so I had to play every girl part) and did them fine, but messed up the one I’ve been doing every week. Oh well, it was still funny. (Toot toot… that’s me. Tooting my own horn.)

And, it was good hanging out last night (despite the fact I WANT TO KILL MYSELF, I’m so tired) And it was nice for Richie, who saw the show for the first time, to pull me aside and say the nicest things. And so did Mike and Brian and others. (And anyone who didn't, I'm watching you.) And that’s what it’s all about right? Praise! Like that old saying, praise makes the heart grow fonder.

But I still want to die.

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