Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Spirit.

I just don’t have it. It’s not there. I’m usually the one with Christmas presents ready to go in November. I’m usually Miss Christmas. But this year, I don’t know where it is.

I’m blaming my busy schedule and inability to just relax and be happy for my “bah hum bug” mentality.

Last Monday evening, I held a dinner party at my house for Awkward Compliment. I made apps and dinner (with the help of my mother) and I gave them all fun, personalized presents and we had drinks and watched the same cooking show on Bravo twice in a row. And I was very happy. But, the Christmas-y feeling I thought I’d have wasn’t there.

On Thursday, we had our work holiday party. There were prizes and gifts and fun. But nope, no Christmas.

Over the weekend, I visited Betsy in New York with my mom. I thought, “This’ll be the one!” But I spent Friday hungover. The streets were so crowded. I slept poorly. But Saturday, we went to a nice Italian dinner, we saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and walked out to a very snowy Rockefeller Center. In my head I thought, “Come on! Come on! Feel it!”

But no. I didn’t.

Nor did I feel it at the beautiful cocktail party last night where I was surrounded by all my very good friends in one adorable apartment.

Hmm… you know what. Now that it’s all been put in perspective… it has been a very Christmas-y December. I’ve spent time with all the people I love! And watched the Wizard of Oz in full for the first time! And I even donated like 4 dollars to the Salvation Army. Because well, they had a microphone and I didn’t – so I had to listen to whatever they had to say.

Maybe it's not so bad afterall. We're in the final stretch folks. Let's have a good Christmas!

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