Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I don’t know much, but I do know this…

It was the most successful year of No Rest for the Wicked Funny yet. We raised $28,000! TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND! That is so many Christmas gifts! The first year it was $5,000 and that was only five years ago. It’s amazing how much this charity has grown over the past few years. So many people got involved, and it’s all community based. Mike mentioned last night that it’s not super rich people who are donating – it’s all just people coming down and paying for a ticket, or bidding on an auction item, or donating in small, but effective, ways. I’m really proud of Mike and Stacey for bringing it to this level – and I’m super happy to be a part of it!

Last night, while getting hypothermia and drinking a glass of wine on my roof with Kiley and Mike, I realized this:

WE have it made.

As we talked about our trials and tribulations in this profession, I felt very content and very lucky. We've all worked really hard to get where we are, and we did it for ourselves. Some people just don't have that luxury - or just don't work for it.

But, these are the people who locked me in a theater and waited outside so I wouldn’t drive drunk. The people who got upset with me when I didn’t make a cast and called me screaming with excitement when I did. The people who ran over to the bar between the 8 and the 10 on my birthday party so we could all take a shot together. They are the people who FLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY and surprise me! These people stick up for me, they protect me and I know they would do anything for me. They have been for years and I’ve grown up with them leading the way.

Maybe they're why I drink too much. Maybe they're why I’m sassy, snarky and a little bit of a bitch. Maybe they're why I Google “mole people” and have awful status updates. But I wouldn't trade any of these idiots for the world. And I know everything they do – even if I hate it – is for my own benefit because they just love me. And I love them.

And yes, I realize I'm being super corny. But I just did a charity event. And I had a fabulous weekend. And sometimes I just want to show people how appreciated they are instead of being an awful bitch.


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