Thursday, December 10, 2009

I love Tina Fey! (along with like, thousands of people.)

Here's 5 reasons why I love Tina Fey:

1. She's smart. She's not just funny, she's smart. She's different from a lot of female comedians because she's just smart and witty. Not gross, not repulsive, and she doesn't set out to make her humor sexy... she just is.

2. She's one of the guys.

3. She worked really hard for everything she has accomplished. She did what she loved and with a LOT of work and proving herself - she turned it into a career.

4. Her character on 30 Rock is treated like she's disgusting, and that's how she thinks of herself. A lot of women have issues with that, like "she's not portraying herself positively" and "she worked really hard to be the way she is, why is she downplaying herself?" Y'know why? Because it's a character. It's not Tina Fey. It's Liz Lemon. And it's funny, and she understands that. Relax.

5. WE WERE BORN ON THE SAME DAY. (Okay, like 16 years earlier. But STILL.)

Ah, soul mates.

Photo from the recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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