Thursday, December 3, 2009

My weekend will be consumed by --

No Rest for the Wicked Funny
Friday Dec. 4th - Saturday Dec. 5th
7pm - 7pm

Improv Asylum
216 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
$20 suggested donation
($10 minimum)

I've been a part of this event every year since its inception (and this is the 5th year!) I've done MOST of the 24 hours every year, and I think I did all of them last year. But last year I performed a little bit and worked a little bit in the front of house. But, this year, I'll be on stage bitches. All 24 hours.

It's really an amazing event. It's so much fun! And there are special guests, local celebrities, live auctions and all my other fun groups are going to come and play with us at points throughout the event.

I'm super excited for it. And all the proceeds benefit Globe Santa.
Which has this cute lil' logo.

Come on out!
It's seriously an incredibly fun night/day/night!

1 comment:

AbbieBabble said...

Congrats on raising so much money! (And I've always thought their logo was a little adorable, too.)


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