Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So sayonara, try tomorrow, nice to know ya...

Because, despite all the pretty bad stuff (deaths, catastrophe, debauchery)... 2009 was a very good year. So, here are my top ten moments:

1. Vegas. There was a snowstorm in Boston that week and I escaped to the warm desert and watched a lot of Cash Cab.

2. Gudernatch got me a "help" whistle for Valentine’s Day.

3. The Leather Gang was formed in January! (We’re approaching our one-year anniversary soon!) Also, House Teams were moved from Wednesday nights at 10pm to Tuesday nights at 8pm. And there was most definitely an audience boom. It’s been a very great year for the House Teams.

4. I moved into the North End with Kiley! (Mike's old apartment.)

5. Awkward Compliment got a weekly show! The Somerville Theater graciously offered us a weekly slot in their cabaret space.

6. St. Patrick’s Day in New York City. A million drinks, some jazz clubs, nice Italian food, a gay bar, a pool bar, a bathroom (or 2), a penthouse suite.

7. Camprov ’09, in which AC spent almost every waking moment together for a long weekend. We saw shows, performed in a show, drank our faces off and I think that’s when we really bonded and became a tight group. Super tight group. Super. Tight.

8. I wrote a play/show for Suffolk University. “STEW and the City” and it was performed all through the month of June and my friends were in it. Including Trevor, who got to play the character based on him.

9. The NXT. It was/continues to be awesome. Our summer show opening was one of the best days of my life. And I still love our new show.

10. And the summer was one of the best summers. The kind of summer when you realize it’s over and you just cry sometimes. You long for the afternoons on the porch, the secret sandwich society who met on Friday afternoons, drinks, getting out early on Friday, warm weather, ridiculousness. Sigh. I miss you summer of 2009.

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