Sunday, December 27, 2009

You're not dying!

Here's something I highly suggest:

When you think you have a problem, because something's not going right. Like say, you think you have a disease (liver disease, skin cancer, pregnancy). Whatever it is.

Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, Google it.

Last month at work, I decided to check if the sun spots I had were skin cancer. Some signs pointed to yes. I legit had an anxiety attack and started crying my eyes out. I don't have skin cancer.

And I checked on something tonight and now I'm freaking out.

Stop it.

I know it's 1am and you've had a few glasses of wine and have literally watched "The Replacements" on repeat, like 3 times at this point (it was background noise while my friends were over. But they left. A while ago.) but... it's no reason to ask Jeeves about your personal life.

Jeeves don't know shit! Nothing on the internet does!

But DO download Stevie Wonder's #1 singles. That is just a delight! And makes all potential problems go away!

Until the next time you Google them.

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