Friday, January 15, 2010

Awkward Compliment Relief Fund?

Yesterday, Matt had the idea of donating all the proceeds of our show to the World Food Programme for Haiti relief. We all thought it'd be a nice gesture, because generally we're all assholes. I mean, we're still assholes - but at least we were making an effort and playing our part in the world.

We got to the show, and the theater was being occupied by some party of people watching "Some Like It Hot". Woops. So, the theater had to set up the Museum of Bad Art for a show. It took some maneuvering - unscrewing light bulbs, setting up enough seats, singing to the audience so there'd be some house music (No, but I wish.) But, eventually we had a space to perform in that was worthy.

We had a packed house of 30 people (the space is very small, so it's a big deal for its size!) and we made somewhere around $150. The theater usually takes a very small cut of what we earn - but they said we could keep the whole thing because we were bumped from our space. So our profit was larger - and it sort of made us all sigh and say, "So.. much... money."

Cut to later at the Diva Lounge:

Matt: So... what would you guys think... if we kept some of the Haiti money?
DiBello: No!
Matt: All right, but look at it this way, the theater was going to take a portion of it anyway! So, we can keep that. And give the rest to Haiti!
Casey: Yeah, I mean, what would this money buy anyway? A brick?
Matt: Well, it would probably save like 4 people. But it could also get us one ticket to Chicago.
Patty: Well, we don't have a plane to fly it to Haiti!
Mark: No, we can't do that! YOU were the one who suggested this.
DiBello: That is fucking with karma, I don't want to fuck with karma.
Matt: But these people didn't even come for Haiti! No one cared about Haiti! I hosted and people were laughing, I was funny - then I said we raised $150 for Haiti and they were like "Uh, ok, can we see improv now?" And be honest with me, what would you be more upset about? Haiti or if we went to Mike's and they were all out of beer and all of Somerville was out of beer and we had to go home after the show?
Casey and Me: (hesitantly) That Mike's was out of beer..
DiBello: You better give that money to Haiti.

Of course we gave the money to Haiti.

Uh, right Matt? Matt? You better not be on vacation right now! If you are, it better be in Haiti.

p.s. For those of you who have reached out to me making sure we DID actually donate. We did! Of course we did! We gave it to some guy named Haiti Letterman.

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