Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday SHH

On Sunday night, IA had its last show for 6 weeks. It just so happened to the grad show, “Birthday SHHH”, and it was fucking hilarious. I had to use “fucking” to get across the point of how FUNNY IT WAS.

I thought about the grad shows of the past few years (I’ve seen about 10, including my own) and what the formula is for a really good grad show: a stellar cast, tremendous talent, and of course – the House Teams.

When I graduated, I had zero performance experience. None. I attended class every Monday – learned what I could about stage presence and performing, but once the grad show hit – it was the scariest night of my life (and BEST!) Thanks to the House Teams, there’s less pressure because most people have already been on stage and they know a thing or two.

And wow, I can’t believe I graduated in 2006. That was over three years ago. And, the time after the grad show (from November to March) was the longest time I ever spent away from improv. I’ve been performing consistently since March 2007. Huh… I should probably step up my game.

THEN (my very first class, 2006, pre-performing):

NOW (corporate show cast, 2010, paid performing!):

Anyways, this grad show was particularly amazing. I was so happy for everyone. I perform with Kelly and Trevor all the time but I felt like a proud parent watching them graduate! And it was so fun to see the other guys, who I’ve become great friends with, join the league of alumni on the House Teams. It seems like just a year ago they were in Levels 2 and 3… oh, because they were. That’s a fact.

The talent bar has been raised TREMENDOUSLY over the past year or two, and that’s both a terrifying and awesome thing. Everyone has to be on their toes and really want this – because there are so many in the pool and it’s a lot easier to drown.

On that light note, congrats Birthday Shh! And congrats to Jeremy, who had a smile on his face the whole time (and there have definitely been some other facial expressions during grad show processes) and who put on yet another fantastic show.

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