Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bye bye vacation!

well, my vacation is coming to a close. it's been real.
Banjo thought so, too. (see above)
it actually has felt like longer than just a week, which is great.
and it's not so bad -
i go back for two days then get three days off.

here's what i accomplished:

final NXT show
final House Team show
(both for a few weeks...)
manicure/pedicure at Melt
corporate show at Mohegan Sun
outlet shopping in Kittery
watched Cabaret & Funny Girl (loved both)
fell in love with Percosets
got a library card
wrote a lot.
saw the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science.
and... ultimately, relaxed.

I got a lot of friend time in. I had a lot of fun. I set a lot of new goals for myself for the year. (Mainly I'm shooting for less panic attacks and better decision making.)

Also, leaving my phone out on tables less when Brian O'Hara is around so less of this happens:

"Patty Barrett needs a dick ASAP, message me fellas! I WANT IT BAD!"

*big sigh*

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