Monday, January 11, 2010


Today I thought, "Hm, I'm going to dedicate this day to paying bills and gaining control of my finances."

... then I booked a trip to Chicago. Woops.

But I need to! I can't believe I even thought for a second that I wouldn't go to Chicago. I go every single year and it's the most fun weekend ever. Plus, I won't be having rehearsals for a while and I'll need something to do to fill my weekend time. And I know that if everyone was there and I wasn't - I would hate it.

And this year, we've got so many people on Team Former Seriously Bent. Mitch, Nick Wilson, Nick Mandella, Julia, Me... possibly Dan and Tony. And, what if Evan comes? Oh boy, what if Evan comes again!? And Alison will be there working it, and probably making me do stuff for her. Man, life will just be great.

It always is. Minus the fact it'll be like 0 degrees. I'll still be with my favorite people in the world, seeing awesome improv shows in addition to Seriously Bent perform (Messing with a Friend, Second City) and probably other shows like whatever Jeremy wants to see at Steppenwolf and the Neo-Futurists. Plus, there's bars and jazz clubs and the drinking we do. It's the stupidest weekend of the year.

Oh well. Goodbye $300, hello a fun weekend in a fun city!

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