Saturday, January 2, 2010

Constant Movement.

I started this blog two years ago.

I started this as a senior in college wanting to write a blog, wanting to be in comedy and wanting to be taken seriously. And here I am today... writing a blog while in comedy and still wanting to be taken seriously.

A lot has happened in that two years. And I sort of can't believe the situation I'm in right now that I wouldn't even be close to being in two years ago.

... because a lot can happen in two years.

You can have a whole different group of friends, a different career, a different hair color, a new favorite TV show, a different style, a different view from your window and even a different person to make out with.

Y'know, because things change... like all the time.

But, basically, you grow up. And you really grow up. You graduate, you move on and you somehow get into a different place than you were in - a better place! But, even though you've grown up... it doesn't mean you don't make mistakes and stupid decisions.

Growing up is hard. Dealing with reality is hard. And sometimes life really isn't fair.

But you keep moving on, because in two years, you won't be in this place. It'll be a whole new place. And you'll be thinking back - fondly or not - to THIS place, and you'll laugh at the differences.

Because life changes... all the time.

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