Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Patty,

Hi dear. How are you? Shut up.

So, you've had a rough week. Maybe even a TWO rough weeks. The new year has been a little... off-kilter. So, maybe you should take that into consideration?

I know you LOVE to get angry and that kicking and screaming and swearing under your breath helps the situation a lot - but don't go kicking things. The toe of your boots are not made of steel. Unfortunately. Also, when you roll a recycling bin over your toe... it will hurt. And only makes you unable to walk. So - be careful, because you're just making your life even more annoying.

And, also, get out of your head.
This is your last week of shows for a while, so make them good.
Don't do bad improv.
Your life isn't in shambles.

Stop being a prick.

Comb your hair.


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