Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Dinner night. . .

Once a month, the gang gets together for Family Dinner Night. It’s generally held at a different person’s house every month – so this time, Matt and Casey held a potluck. We trekked out to Medford on a rainy Monday night to enjoy each other’s company.

Or, to make fun of each other and have my FACE BIT OFF BY THEIR STUPID CAT.

errr. Imma bite yer earrrrr

Just kidding! I love their stupid cat. Even though, the first thing she does when I walk in is attack my wrist looking for my hair tie. Then, she climbed on my shoulder repeatedly and bit my cheek, my head and my ear.

Matt whipped out some Mario Kart, and then said, “The benefits of being in a troupe with all guys!” But little did he know, I love video games. And I actually enjoy watching them be played. But… I have a history with Mario Kart.

Once upon a time, 5 of 6 years ago, Savage and I played Mario Kart against each other. But, it was the battle one on N64 – with the balloon popping. Catch my drift? Anyway, this story ends with Savage popping one of my virtual reality balloons, and me stuffing a real life pillow in her face and suffocating her. No big deal.

I’m hardcore about my video games. I spent an entire summer locked in front of the TV playing ‘Grand Theft Auto” except, while I did finish the game… I generally spent most of the time picking up hookers and going on murdering sprees with weapons acquired through cheat codes.

Wow, I paint myself like a guy a lot. I’m also very girly. Just last week I cried over emotional, personal stuff! And I spent the weekend watching French musicals! And I spent over $100 to get my hair done! If that’s not girly, then I don’t know what is!

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