Friday, January 22, 2010

Forever One of the Guys

(Matt, Matt and Vince)

In my daily life, I'm "one of the guys". I joke around, I make awful jokes about myself and people around me... which I guess is a very "guy" thing to do.

So, I sort of appreciate that I can carry that into my day job. The fact that I'm kind of a guy.

There is a core group of "funny" guys (the above picture is of some of them singing "Baby Got Back" at the holiday party, then had the DJ rick roll us so they ended up signing "Never Gonna Give You Up"... it was amazing) And I can make jokes with the best of them. So I appreciate IM conversations filled with ongoing bits that end with:

"Well, this was an interesting conversation... sort of like improv ... except we all know for it to REALLY be improv, it would have had to be condensed to a 30 second bit and include Ryan Styles."

And then when I laugh, for it to be followed up with: "yes! improv people always like a good Whose Line is it Anyway jab! EF YOU DREW CAREY! EF YOU!"

Ah, improv humor.

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