Monday, January 4, 2010

Full of special skills!

I don't have an acting resume.

Frankly it's because I don't act in things. I've never done straight theater, I've only ever done comedy. Mainly in one place, which is the only place I've auditioned for. So I never thought to make one... at least not yet.

But today I was asked for one (for two different reasons!) and I thought "Should I have one!?" So I just freaked out and messaged Matt Catanzano. I asked if he had a comedy resume, and he laughed at me and said he had an "Acting Resume" (Fine. I don't know things.) And then he sent me a sample to look over.


I haven't done nearly enough to justify having a resume. He's done all sorts of things - TV, commercials, theater, voice over work, etc. Everything I do is at one theater!

So I decided to make up for my lack of EVERYTHING ELSE in the Special Skills section. So far, I have:

Improvisation, Sketch Comedy, Writing, Musical improv, Dancing (tap, lyrical, jazz), Falling, Loyalty (see above), Boiling Water, Keepin' It Together, Sometimes Not Keepin' It Together, Using Scissors Correctly, Framing Pictures, Playing Michael Jackson, Channel Surfing, Reading, Texting, Nicknaming People, Eating Grapes, Drinking Alcohol, Traveling, Typing 100wpm (which is true actually... thanks Mavis Beacon), Oregon Trailing and Subscribing to Magazines.

I think I'll surely get hired for any acting job NOW!

P.s. A lot of my friends auditioned for a slot in the Boston Second City show today! Wish them luck! Right now. At your desks at work, while walking the street... just take a moment to say out loud, "GOOD LUCK!" and hope it reaches their ears somehow.

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