Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hell House

I grew up Catholic. I went to church every Sunday (so, maybe I fell asleep and snored too loud once... and maybe I giggled too much during the "moment of silence"... and maybe once I stole a song book so I could practice them on my new Recorder) and also CCD. I was baptized, received Holy Communion and was confirmed in the same church. As I got older, I sort of fell out of touch with it. My mom stopped going and so did we.

I never questioned whether I was Catholic or not. I didn't think not going to church made me less Catholic. But then, when I got Confirmed, things started to turn for me. I didn't like the bibles we were given, which said things like: ABORTION! THE NEW HOLOCAUST! and basically said to have interventions with your homosexual friends and to stop being friends with people of other religions. It was very close-minded and hate-filled. I didn't like that.

Last night, I watched the documentary Hell House and it just further fueled my disgust. I know that churches who do hell houses are extremists - but it's just so awful. I never went to a Hell House and yet I somehow learned how to make the right and wrong decisions. (Shut up.) And when I DON'T make the right decisions... I don't blame Satan, and I certainly don't blame God for my suffering - I blame it on the al-al-al-alcohol.

I have nothing wrong with religion, nothing at all. But, I do have something with stereotype-based, unnecessary hate and trying to convert people using scare tactics. If you go to a rave, you're not automatically going to get raped, and if you do - you won't automatically kill yourself. If you're gay, you're not DEFINITELY going to get AIDS - and you certainly shouldn't be scared of going to hell for it. I find it hard to believe anyone will go to hell for being honest about who they are.

Damnit, why can't everyone just be accepting? Without the gays, there'd be no Liza Minelli, and that's just a world that I do not want to live in.

In other news - what's the deal with bi-sexuals? Man, I hate them.

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