Sunday, January 17, 2010

the thing about being young

I've started to ease back into drinking. And by "ease back" I mean overcompensate for all the drinking I took a break from. God damnit.

And I've chose the wrong people to get back into it with. Sure, I'll go out for a drink after the Midnight Show. Oh no, it's last call and everyone's getting 3 drinks, I guess that's what I have to do. Except that I can't drink 3 drinks in 10 minutes. Especially beer.

Then... get this... they wanted to go out MORE! Did they not realize it was 2:15am?!?!?! TWO FIFTEEN IN THE A.M! And they wanted to go to some bumpin' house party where more and more beverages would be consumed with no end time in sight!

It was just too overwhelming so I had to turn down the late night debauchery. But yet, I still had a good amount of drinks, enough to make me hate myself in the morning and force myself back to sleep until 1pm in lieu of going outside in the gorgeous 50 degree weather.

And now I'm thinking... maybe I need to actually ease back into the game. Maybe I should start slow and never drink so much that I can't even wash my face because I'll probably manage to kill myself while doing it.

And eventually I did make it out to enjoy the gorgeous weather... I walked all the way down the street and into a Starbucks where I sat and watched TV for a little while.

I'm growing up!!!!!

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