Friday, January 22, 2010

Uncle Creepstache...

This is Brian.
We call him "Dog."
Cause once, when I was drunk, I was on Matt's GChat
and accidentally wrote, "dBd" instead of "BdB"
So, we said it stood for "Dog BiDello"
And he's also a dog trainer.
And he has a jacket that says "DOG" on it.
Basically, there are many reasons we call him Dog.

Even though, when I think about it
He's the only guy on AC who treats me like a girl.
He even opens the door for me when I get in the car!
Like, who does that anymore?
Casey and Matt usually push me out of cars.
So I think everyone else is actually a dog.

the reason for this post
was to say "Look at DiBello's pube beard!"

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