Thursday, January 28, 2010

what's your signature look?

Rcently, one of my best friends (not from the improv circle) went to see the mainstage show at IA. I wasn’t there, so afterwards I asked her about the show. She tried her best to explain who she liked but found it hard to describe the guys. Eventually, we got it down to:

“The guy with the glasses!” = Richie
“The other guy…” = Brian (Well, I did an impression of his voice and she said “YES!”)
“The tall, blonde guy” = Dan
“The short one” = Tony

And the girls were easier, because there were only two of them. And it’s easier to decipher them all in comparison to the other. Especially Kiley, as she’s the only blonde! And that’s her signature look. She also has a nice personal style in general. And Richie’s always easy, because he’s got the glasses.

All this has me thinking about my signature look. When people walk away from a show that I’m in – they can always point out who I am. I’m the red head with glasses! However, that only matters in the NXT, because I’m the only girl in every other troupe. That makes it even easier (or worse, if I have a bad show) to notice me. Apparently, my boots also get me noticed. At least, I’ve got that from AC and Leather Gang shows.

I think it’s important to have your own signature thing...

It helps Catanzano and Casey that they look like vampires.

 It helps Evan that he has the energy of a puppy on stage
(and the longest face in the world!)

It helps Trevor that he’s a manatee.

 It helps Matt that he has a baby face.

And it helps Kirsten that she’s a lesbian!

There are a lot of people I work with that have unique looks – and not even in an ugly way. Because there are also a lot of “unique looks” that just mean they’re different and ugly. But not in this case!

But then there's me... red hair, glasses and NEVER KEEPING IT TOGETHER.

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