Wednesday, January 27, 2010

where are you Patty?

I’ve had a pretty rough month. And I’m not just saying that… like, “FML, my life sucks! I can't find my new saddle shoes!” I’ve gone through the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through in my life (so far) and it has had affected my emotional/physical state more than I thought it would.

In the past few weeks; I’ve slept very little, cried more times than I can count on my hands (I don’t cry that often otherwise), been totally paranoid and on edge and way more apologetic than usual… and I don’t even have a ton of improv anymore to distract me. So my nights, for the most part, have been spent holed up in my room miserably.

Luckily, this week has been better. I’ve been less in my head. I’ve drank enough to put me to sleep (yes, that’s what it takes now.) I’ve hung out with friends. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, the one thing that has been helpful for me is writing a new blog post every day. I feel like a part of me is lost, some aspects of my personality have just been missing and it has made me feel completely useless. Doing my one improv show a week, writing blog posts and even hilarious BBM chats make me feel creative and funny again. I’ve also started writing bits and pieces of SOMETHING every day – funny songs, sketches, pieces of a novel… so; it’s great to know Patty is still in there somewhere.

Oh, and entire bottles of wine (Good Pinot Grigio) and raspberry martinis from Silvertone also help. Thanks, Steve! And thanks everyone, for being great!

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