Friday, January 1, 2010

why did I study Art History?

I've mentioned that I studied art in college/high school. One of my favorite parts was Ancient Greek/Roman. But seems like I wasted time when all I had to do was listen to the Muses sing the story of the gods!

p.s. It's not actually "the gospel truth"... nothing about the movie Hercules is actually correct. Zeus raped people... like Hera for example. Oh, and Hera is his sister and WIFE, and she only married him because she was ashamed of being raped by her brother... for some reason Disney left that part out.

You're right. I should write them a letter.

P.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all have a happy and healthy year. And make better decisions. Like me. I am the queen of good decision making.

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Betsy said...

Hercules also killed Meg and his two kids in a fit of insanity brought on by Hera. But I guess that will have to wait until the sequel.


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