Monday, January 25, 2010

Yesterday, (according to my head)

There has been a theme in TDH (Mike) and I's friendship where he'll always say, "We should hang out this weekend." or "We should go see a movie!" and then, when the weekend comes around he either doesn't reach out to me or says, "Can I get a rain check?" So yesterday, when I received a BBM from him, I was quite surprised!

TDH: What are you up to? Want to see a movie?
Me: Sure, which one?
TDH: It's Complicated would be a guilty pleasure for me...
Me: Yes!!

Movie chosen. No rain checks. Time to get ready.

(On the other side of the city)

Dan: What are you doing today?
TDH: Going to the movies with Patty.
Dan: Oh, what time?
TDH: Like 4ish.
Dan: What are you seeing?
TDH: It's Complicated.
Dan: Great, I'll be there. 

(Back to the North End)

Oh, hello Starbucks. I'm going to sit in here and watch "30 Rock" and "Project Runway". Hope you don't mind! Oh, who's texting me?

Dan: I'm crashing your movie date with TDH. Except I don't think we should see It's Complicated, we should see Legion, Daybreakers or Book of Eli.

I look up all the trailers. At least 2 of them scared the shit out of me. So, "Book of Eli" it is.

Me: Book of Eli, I hate scary movies.
Dan: Great, it's playing at 5 o'clock! Meet you there!

TDH to me: Sorry, Dan wanted to come. Rain check on "It's Complicated"?

Somehow... despite the fact that we finally followed through with plans... I STILL managed to get rain checked by TDH.

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