Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey! My friends are sitcom stars!

Last night was the premiere of Matt and Casey's (and Mike's) pilot they've been working super hard on for a super long time. Super. And, it was actually really REALLY funny. I was so surprised, because generally they're not that funny at all. But somehow, they did it!

Despite the fact that it was basically a monsoon in Boston, all their friends and family came out to support these two loons on their road to fame! And even though I wanted to stay in, watch Roseann repeats and paint my nails - I showed up to show them support. And they were lucky to have me. Me. Me me me me me me me. 

But all around, the night was pretty awesome because the energy was bouncing off the walls and we had a good set because we were all in the p'zone. Even though I kept laughing. God damnit. I can't keep it together when Casey plays homeless guys who give me my license "black".

But anyways, the premiere of my pilot was awesome. I can't wait until everyone sees my pilot. Thank you Matt and Casey's friends for coming out and supporting me, Patty Barrett. The lady of Awkward Compliment.

At Mike's afterwards, I realized a few things: 1) Comedians suck to hang out with if you're not a comedian. Poor Natalie, Brian's wife, who has to deal with our stupid bits. And at least she's comfortable with us and can give us a hard time! It must be hard for new girlfriends, or rare friends, who have to deal with stupid jokes that are not funny. 2) Casey's sister is the best and 3) I really love Matt and Casey. But mostly Matt. Who I've been persuing for three years.

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