Friday, February 26, 2010

introducing... Rossi.

Yesterday, while in a BBM chat room with a few of my friends (Kelly, Cavan, Bryan, Trevor and Marty). Trevor said, "Guys, I'm sorry if parts of my comic book leak into this conversation."

And then, rossi came out. rossi, the tranny waitress. it's basically a film noir comic book.

here's an installation of rossi's thoughts:

"I went to the salvation army today. I wanted to assemble some sort of 1920's flapper dress. I have always been inspired by the 20's espescially the great gatsby because they were people fighting the man just to live like myself. Not to mention robert redford, yes please. I also am in love with the cashier dan. He doesn't even know I exist but once he sees me decked out in flapper outfit he will want my moonshine. Who am i kidding I am a hideous ghost, o rossi one day we will find our place in the sun."

Well, I think this'll be something.

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