Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just like high school... except a little bit cooler... maybe....

On Saturday, one of my closest friends from high school and now - Janine - picked me up in the North End and we put on a Maroon 5 CD and hit Route 1 to Friendly’s. We used to go there all the time in high school… because we weren’t very cool.

It was strange sitting in there as 23 year olds and not 17 or 18 year olds. A lot of time has passed since our high school days (like four years of college and two additional years of work/life experience) and we’re different people. As we ate our $8 meals that came with free sundaes, she walked me through her engagement story. I walked her through... recent happenings in my life. I can definitely say it was a huge leap in conversation from what we’d talk about 5 or 6 years ago… around then we probably talked about Gilmore Girls and how cute boys were. Today we’re talking about… well, Gilmore Girls and how cute boys are (but with actual experience this time).

I was a little overdressed for the occasion – but that felt better than the usual high school attire of an oversized Gap sweatshirt and a pair of pajama pants. But it feels good to know that I actually have grown up and made something of myself. I dress better, I look better, I have a job, I perform all the time and the amount I drink now makes up for all the drinking I didn’t do in high school. Right? That’s how it works?

But, you can guarantee that I’d still spend a day driving around with Janine – blasting mix CD’s – and returning home to play Grand Theft Auto all day. And by “play” Grand Theft Auto, using cheat codes to get every weapon and then going on killing sprees! KILLING SPREES!

And pick up prostitutes and park somewhere hidden to do them.


Maybe I'm not that much cooler. I somehow made this post end with a video game reference. Listen, I get drunk and have sex now everyone! I promise! And ONLY IN THAT ORDER!

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