Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just one of those random Wednesday nights...

Last night, I watched The Office Season Two (which, by the way, is a very good season). I realized something was wrong when I started putting bottle caps on Banjo’s head, singing “Banjo in a fez! Banjo in a fez!”

(I also took pictures of my new hair cut!)

Cavan and I discussed getting a drink, but he said, “Everyone here is just sitting in their misery.” So I texted Kelly and said, “I just heard there’s a Doritos buffet and queso fountain at Goody’s!”

She put on her running shoes and was there as soon as possible.

That's Kelly & Cavan. They look like brother and sister.

It was trivia night at the Glove’s, and the table next to us gave us their sheet to finish. The idiots were in last place and left that part OUT. We were also bad at trivia, but luckily we got one or two answers right on our own and cheated on a few. Thanks BlackBerry and table of ladies next to us! And for the record, the German currency before the Euro was a “franc”, but the currency in the Netherlands before the Euro was not “Anne Francs”

"Look at me, ol' box eyes!"

Evan showed up because I said, “Get to Goody’s!” and he did. That's what I like about Evan. He's easy to boss around! Thank God he's living here again! I like someone who says, “OK that’s enough. Enough of that!” to anything gross, stupid or dirty I say – yet he still hangs out with me any time I tell him to! That’s friendship. Someone doing whatever I tell them to… and still wanting to be my friend, even though I’m an idiot!

As the night wore on, I finally got to see Jeremy again. Norm showed us his signature dance, and we all tried to replicate it, but it was just ludicrous. Kelly, Evan and I did fake yoga moves. We danced to “Single Ladies”. Brian and I made fun of each other, as usual. And Kelly and I talked about moving to Chicago.

Just a random Wednesday night. I miss being busy with improv.

P.s. Conan O'Brien is on Twitter, and it is my favorite. His profile says, "I had a show. Then I had another show. Now I have a Twitter account." and his first tweet was, "Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard then threw to commercial. Somebody help me." Why is he so amazing at life?

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