Friday, February 19, 2010

Life is better in 3d.

Uncle Creepstache and Uncle Herbert. And that blurry mess in the background. (Me)

Last night's Awkward Compliment show (including the other acts) was REALLY great. From start to finish, I was cracking up laughing. I've been doing so few shows recently that I just ate up everything last night. I miss everyone so much, it's sort of pathetic. I was yearning to do bits and say stupid things and just be a dumb idiot again. And mission accomplished. I was the dumbest idiot in Davis Square. 

Bigg Nez: Are those 3D glasses?
Mark: Yes. Would you like to buy them?

The first group that went on was a motley crue of improvisers from the House Teams. There were people who have never worked together before and it was really fun to see them working together and playing off each other. There was Dave Boz and Jonah - who I work with on the Leather Gang and NXT, then Michelle, TDH, Mat Dan, Adam Kennedy and his friend Dan. It was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Hands down.

I was so proud. It has been about a year since the House Teams really took off. TDH and Mat started around that time - and seeing them last night, a year since they started performing at all, blew me away. I love seeing people progress! God, I love what improv does to people!

But, it was just a fun night. I've been getting so wrapped up in myself lately that it has been difficult to just hang out and be. I realized this week that for over a month, something just hasn't been right. I'll go do shows and enjoy them, but most of the time I'm in my head. Then I go out afterwards with everyone, and all I'm thinking about is myself. But, I don't control the universe - and I'm not the only person in it. So, I took a big breathe and just put the past behind me. And it helped, I had a lot of fun and got to know other people. Like, for instance, Dave Boz is afraid of bats.

So, life is good. I've got some blue tights in my wardrobe rotation, spring is just around the corner, I had Girl Scout cookies for dinner the other night, rehearsal is starting back up tomorrow... and oh yeah, Evan's moving back today :)


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