Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, 1960's - I wish I could be in you.

I've been re-watching the first season of Mad Men. At the end of the first episode - I got chills. Even though I already knew what happened. I still got chills. It's still that good of a show - even when you've seen it a hundred times.

I like watching Mad Men because it makes you want to get out of bed and put more than 15 minutes effort into your appearance. Of course, I'm sitting in Starbucks right now wearing a plaid shirt and jeans - and my hair is unwashed and I have little make-up on. It's 2010 people, not 1960. But, the ladies on the show make it all look effortless! As if they wake up in the morning with bright red lips, manicured nails and perfect hair. They make wearing corsets underneath pounds of tulle skirts COMFORTABLE. I don't think we should all walk around wearing corsets and giant tulle skirts - but putting a little more thought into what we look like - how we present ourselves to the world - is something we could bring back.

Even though the show takes place in the 60's - it's easy to relate to. Especially since I feel like I relate to Peggy a little too much. Both career-wise and socially. It actually makes me want to vomit a little.

I like that my two favorite shows are 30 Rock and Mad Men... both shows are based on my two professions, and both shows have characters I relate to a little too much.

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