Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A party of epic proportions...

Don't ask me why I was reading about Perez Hilton's birthday parties. He throws really crazy, over-the-top birthday parties & I love birthday parties! I love attention. And drinks. And a gathering of my friends.



Since I turned 21, I've had my birthday party in the same place. (So, that's three times... shown above.) I celebrate it at Goody Glover's. It's central to all my friends and it's where we drink all the time - so why not drink there again? Last year I rented out the top of the bar - well, they gave it to me for free! With free apps! And we all drank and had a merry time.

But, this year, for my 24th birthday - and let's face it - that's a pretty epic birthday. (No... it's not.) I want to raise the bar.
  • Maybe I'll have a 24-hour dance marathon like they did in the 50's.
  • Or a poetry jam, where every poem has to be about me.
  • A parade! Like when Prince Ali comes to town in Aladdin.
  • I'll rent out a bar and play every season of 30 Rock while we eat meatbull subs with extra bread and drink bottles of Pinot Grigio while making poor life decisions (because guess what, I share a birthday with Tina Fey. Oh, and because guess what... there's a guarantee I probably would have drank bottles of Pinot and made poor life decisions anyway.)
  • I could have special guests like the UPS Delivery Guy in my neighborhood, and the owner of J. Pace, and maybe even CT from the Real World.
  • Karaoke! Except, I have to sing every song. Other people could join, but I'll always have to sing as well.
... or we could just all go to Goody's again & drink the night away. Hopefully this time I won't nearly fall out of a window at the after party.

Oh, and my birthday is in three months. May 18th. Not now. I'm just... thinking thoughts.

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