Friday, February 5, 2010

really? Did that happen?

Last night, I stood outside of the Second City theater. I was gushing about the show and how unbelievably astounded I was. I threw a raisinette in my mouth, and then... crunch.

"What was that?" I hysterically shouted before spitting out the raisinettes.

"I think we're good enough friends that I can do this right now!" Kelly said, as she searched through my saliva-ridden raisinettes to find a tooth particle.

I may be 23 and have a nice smile from the outside.

But on the inside, my poor brittle teeth are 89.

Thanks to Kelly who proved her friendship to me by going through my spit up raisinettes to find a tooth. Also, for sticking her finger in my mouth to feel the jagged edge.

In other news, Chicago is a mother fucking blast.

But, more on that later.


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