Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorry City of Boston -- i don't like fun enough...

Oh, City of Boston, no.

No. No no no. You've got it all wrong.

Dear Menino,
Michael doesn't live here no' mo'.
He lives in California now.
And now, it's just me, Kiley,
and the ghosts of Mike's past that haunt my room.
So many lady ghosts.
Also, you are a centaur.
Love, Patty

I told Kiley that apparently Mike and I are the Barrett Family,
and she responded with,
"This is the worst thing to ever happen to you."

Richie said,
"Amazing. Write that Banjo and Edith are your children and Kiley is your live-in grandma."

But no,
I'm going to write back that he's in LA now,
blowing up balloons for kids.

"Patty, no, it's awesome. This is me being awesome.
Kids love me. They say, "Hey, who's that guy with all those balloons? This guy!"
[ not a direct quote from Michael Anastasia, but it might as well be ]

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