Monday, February 1, 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like Liz Lemon...

"and I'm heeeere... to reminddd youuu... of the mess you left when you went away..."

As a female comedian, it would be stupid not to like Tina Fey. She’s smart, funny, and successful. So many people come out of SNL and fail – but she’s been doing it all right. Sure, Lorne Michaels sort of coddles her, but where would all of us be if we weren’t coddled a little bit?

Due to my weekend nights being a little too fun, I had to spend all day yesterday in bed. I re-watched Seasons 2 and 3 of 30 Rock, along with commentary and special features. Yeah. That’s how bad a state I was in. However, it helped a lot, because it got me to write a ton of shit... that I’ll probably hate when it comes time to do anything with it. But, at least I did it.

Here are my favorite things of 30 Rock:

1. Tracy and Kenneth’s relationship.
2. The sprinkling of real life bits into the show (like “blerg” and “nerds!”)
3. Alec Baldwin... in general.
4. Liz’s past with both Grizz and Conan O’Brien.
5. The fact that Liz’s personal life is in shambles. (i.e. when C.C. comes to her for advice, and Liz’s bra is taped together and she forgets it was her birthday the day before)
6. The use of “Muffin Top” by Jenna Maroney as the techno song throughout the whole course of the show.
7. “Meatball sub, extra bread.”
8. Jack’s constant disdain for Lemon – yet having no other real friends.
9. “I’m fun! I went up on my roof the other day!”
10. It speaks the truth about everything. Like, for one, that Liz Lemon “kind of” wanted to see Elisa (Salma Hayek) naked. Even girls want to see that. And, I had no idea Samuel L. Jackson was in his 60's! You really can't tell.

thanks Evan :)

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