Monday, February 22, 2010

When I was in high school, I would fall asleep every night to The Disney Channel. I know, I was a loser everyone. We've covered this. But, I couldn't fall asleep without the TV on - and the Disney Channel had easy programming to fall asleep to and wake up to - without commercials.

This has only been matched by the time I slept over Matt & Casey's, and woke up to Cartoon Network blaring at unbelievably loud volumes. Casey at 25 is just like 16-year-old Patty! Except incredibly handsome and not the least bit awkward.

OK. Maybe a little awkward.

Anyways, I'm assuming it's for that reason that I have this song, from the Even Stevens Musical, stuck in my head today. I was a strange, strange teenager. But Even Stevens actually was a good show. Shia LaBeouf at his best.

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