Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bye Winter, I won't miss ya!

The winter sucked. I wish I was just being dramatic. But no, actually, this winter legitimately sucked for me. I was so depressed. I didn’t realize just how depressed I was until now though, when I can finally see clear.


Stop it.

I was watching a video of the NXT’s closing song the other day and I had to shut it off. I couldn’t believe what I was wearing. I had no sense of style – I was just wearing an oversized white t-shirt with a black sweater. I think I was trying to go for a certain look – but really, all I was doing was hiding myself, which made sense for what I was dealing with.

Different show. Same outfit. Same idiot.

But now, I’m glad I can look on that and shake my head. I think I’m generally pretty fashionable! So, I know I’m going through a rough time when my style goes out the window. I had no energy to look good because I felt like the scum of the Earth. But now I don't care. I'm not scum anymore. I never was. I have always been a sea monster though! Sea Monster Patty.

But now my hair’s all cut. My style’s back. I haven’t been drinking excessively and I’ve been eating healthier. Everything’s just lining up. And I even stood up for myself last night! What a world. Spring is coming!

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