Wednesday, March 3, 2010

come-on a my room.

Last night, I decided to stay in and get some "work" done.
I realized I had internet
(these North End buildings are very close to each other...)
and learned how to re-design my blog all on my own! Go me!
No Word and no Paint involved, thank you very much.

I also took pictures of my room! My very small room.
No room is complete without a fan going all winter,
a curtain held up by thumb tacks, the Jackson 5 & my owl, Masey.

What? It's normal for a girl to have retro pin-up girls in her room!
And 2 framed pictures of Tina Fey.
The others are Degas Dancers. Those are acceptable, right?

My sister got me a shower curtain and I used it as a backdrop instead.
My shelves are messy.

A framed picture of me and my friends!
Another Degas dancer, and of course, a framed Thriller album.
(thanks Kiley!)

Then, I ended my picture journey with this little guy.

Yeah... I need to get a life.

1 comment:

becky said...

i love that you already have up the nick verreos headshot.


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