Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grey skies are gonna clear up, book a flight to Vegas!

I booked a trip to Vegas last week!

With these ladies:

Jess is going there for a dental convention.
She booked an extra room at Caesar's Palace for pretty cheap.
I've always wanted to stay somewhere nicer,
and Caesar's is one of my favorites!

I told Savage (middle in blue) that while Jess is doing dental stuff during the day,
we'd go to strip clubs.
And make it rain dental floss all over those hoes.

I can't wait for:
Palm trees.

Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi. (Overlooking the fountains)

This hotel. Caesar as Imperator.

Hooking up with a lamp.

Giant pina coladas in Eiffel Towers.

The Strip.

I love fake, cheesy, neon BULLSHIT!

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