Tuesday, March 23, 2010

how far we've come.

Last night, I was talking to Kiley about something. I said, "She's the type of girl that if I were to show up scrubbed out, just like in a sweatshirt and jeans, she would make a face." And Kiley said, "It's funny because I cannot imagine you in a sweatshirt. I don't think you even own a sweatshirt."

If my high school friends were there, they'd start laughing. I was once called "101 Degrees" because I went to the beach in an oversized Gap sweatshirt and pajama pants on. And it was, you guessed it, 101 degrees outside. People at the beach would go, "HEY SWEATSHIRT! YOU'RE AN IDIOT. IT'S HOT OUT HERE." No they didn't. But for someone who wanted ZERO attention drawn their way - a sweatshirt in 101 degree weather did not help.

I went into my room to see if I actually did have a sweatshirt... and I don't. I have a hoodie and a few zip-ups, but even those are more on the stylish side.

If me at 15-16 years old so myself today in skinny jeans, leather boots, nice shirt and blazer... she'd run away in tears. And she'd probably jump off a bridge. She was that dramatic. Idiot.

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