Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm A Boy, or Why I'm Single.

Recently, I was in the kitchen at my work. There were other people in the kitchen, and I saw one girl responding to everything one guy said with a series of giggles. I thought, “Eh, that wasn’t that funny.” There was some clear flirting going on – whether it was one-sided, I don’t know – but it was clear. She was smitten with this guy. She batted her eyes, swung her hair and forgot what she had originally entered the kitchen for.

I’m not judging her. We work with some cute guys, and I’ve had my share of crushes over the years – I know how it goes. But, I just don’t see the guys at work like that.* Like I said to Evan last week, “I don’t go to work to get laid.**” When I wake up in the morning to get dressed, it’s always for me.*** I don’t wear heels because they’re uncomfortable, and I think I can look just as nice in flats.

More importantly, I’m glad I can hold a conversation with the guys here. I go into the kitchen and instead of giggling at what people say, I just make a joke back. I’m more than happy to be one of the bros than one of the girl’s fighting for their affection. (Again, I’m not saying anything negative about any of the girls I work with – because I genuinely like everyone. And this doesn't apply to everyone.)

Maybe that’s why they recently asked me to host this event they’re putting on for a bunch of guys. Apparently it's because I have the personality for it and don't take anyone’s shit. I was honored and with all sincerity, “Thanks for considering me a bro.”

And ladies and gentleman, that is why I am single!

Oh, also because I am a sea monster.

*Shut up.
**Shut up, again.
***Fine, I had that one phase of wearing plaid shirts and printed hoodies for a crush. But that was so yesterday.

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