Thursday, March 11, 2010


I still make the same faces I did when I was 2.

I care about other people too much and try to fix the problems of the people I care about and give unsolicited advice – but I really just want people to be happy! Particularly my people. The people I own.

It’s a little weird that I listen to Michael Jackson on repeat for hours.

I shouldn’t take so many de-stressing walks while blasting “They Don’t Really Care About Us”, but listen up, they work.

I’m really 70 and not 23.

It’s true that when your room/desk is in shambles… so is your life.

I say “FML” so much that it’s not even ironic anymore.

I’m a whore for a laugh. (Or call myself a whore to get laughs…)

I HAVE THE WHOLE WORLD IN MY HANDS (but I’m too lazy to do anything with it)

My memory is too intense that it freaks people out and makes them think I'm a stalker.

I shouldn’t sing and dance in the elevator when no one else is in there. There could be cameras in there. God, I hope there aren’t cameras in there… please, please don't let there be cameras in there!

I shouldn’t reminisce about my childhood because it only makes me sad because I’ll never get it back.

I'm not really a sea monster.

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