Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Missing the House Teams.

Tuesday. Pfft. What a useless day. It’s early enough in the week that it might as well be Monday. It offers no promise of the weekend (like say, after 3pm on Wednesday). There’s no good TV on (not like I have that anyway). Nobody wants to hang out and get drunk. It’s just a stupid day.

But, it wasn’t always like this you know. Before IA underwent reservations, we had House Teams. Oh, every Tuesday was a joy! I would wake up and smile, even when it was rainy and windy. I would go into work and immediately start writing a House Team message. Oh, those messages. They were such fun! It usually involved some mean joke towards Brian O’Hara and me being funny. Always me being funny. People enjoyed those messages! Cause it was me being funny. They’d say, “Patty! I loved your message today!” or “Patty, I look forward to your message every week!” And you know what? So did I, guys.

Then, I’d deal with work because I knew that when I left work, it’d only be a few hours until I was hanging out with all of my friends. All of them! Spread among four different teams! We’d laugh, we’d play, we’d perform some improv. Then, we’d hang out after and throw back a few drinks. I’d walk into the bar and Mike (the bartender) would go, “Usual?” and I’d say, “Yes.” And then I’d drink it.

But, now we’re on hiatus. And we have been for weeks. There’s no end in sight for our hiatus. And I’m just sad. No fun messages to write in the morning, no smiling, nothing to look forward to during work, no laughing, no playing, no performing some improv. No Mike the Bartender to make me feel like an alcoholic, and no throwing back drinks.

How do we ease this pain?

Cocaine and VHS tapes of Carlos Mencia doing stand-up.

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