Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Judgment Zone.

I've bought some pretty embarassing things at CVS. I mean, we all have. All of us need embarassing things every now and then, and where are we going to get it? A convenience store! They're built for our convenience! Especially the one in the North End, with its self-check out systems. They're saviors.

Except that one time, when I had to buy the most embrassing thing of all (well, not really)... hidden under a box of Cheez-Its because I knew I would need them after I bought and used said embarassing thing. The line was long, and I was told to go to the actual register. I freaked, but I didn't want to cause a scene. I was beet red and looked down the whole time and when she bagged all my stuff and handed it to me, she said, "Good luck!" All I wanted to do was explain to her the situation, and how she probably had it all wrong and how I was young and it wasn- but then I realized her "Good Luck!" was just like saying, "I hope this works out however YOU want it to work out." So, she could have actually been rooting for me. BUT, I still wish she had said nothing at all. It only made me feel more uncomfortable.

But, last night, I was at this CVS again because I live on the god damn same street and it's my DAMN second home, ALL RIGHT? This time, I was just buying water and some Light Butter popcorn (I never realized how healthy-ish popcorn actually is!) so I was safe. But, all of a sudden I heard the lady next to me yell, and I mean YELL, "I DON'T NEED ANY HELP. IT'S NOT FOR ME." One of the workers had been trying to help her bag her stuff, and I guess she was having problems with the machine. She was clearly embarassed, and she just yelled and snapped at him. He stepped back and didn't say a word. I looked at what was in her bag, and it was "Dependable Adult Diapers". (For the record, my embarassing item wasn't nearly as embarassing as that.) But she was on the younger side, her hands were shaking and she obviously did not want to be in the position she was in.

I felt bad for her, but then I thought, did she really need to YELL at someone because she was embarassed? And, she only drew MORE attention to what she was buying. I'm sure he didn't even pay attention, he was just helping her bag. But, when she said it, I got involved. (I'm nosy! :P) So, she made it worse for herself!

This is why I get all my adult diapers online. All of them. One of every kind.

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