Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing Matters When it's Friday

Yesterday I didn't need a jacket, it was so nice out. I didn't need a jacket SO MUCH that I decided to accidentally leave it in the coffee shop where I met Kirsten and Evan for lunch. I went back after work, and it was gone. Nobody turned it in. Someone just took it. My iPod was in the pocket. So much Michael Jackson that person has been GIFTED with.

But, you know what? It's all okay. Sure, I woke up and the NICE, BEAUTIFUL WEATHER... turned into snow. But, we should all be happy because:

Awkward Compliment had one of our best shows ever last night. We decided to use some of our well-earned money we made from the show to buy ourselves a round of drinks. What a treat. I love them all. Except Casey.

My parents bought me a new iPod! I told them mine got stolen last night, and my dad called my sister today to make sure he got me the right one... and he got me the one I've been wanting! The emerald green nano! Oh, emerald green nano... I'm going to fill your wam mouth with so much Michael Jackson. What?

It's rollerbraiding season.

I'm doing a college show tomorrow night at Simmons College. I'm going to help Kirsten get some tail. She's on a [t]rampage.


Cavan's 21st birthday is this weekend! [I feel old.]

Have a good weekend everyone!

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