Friday, March 19, 2010

Secret to a Happy Improv Troupe

As a joke before shows, sometimes we'll say:
"Hey guys, let's just make each other laugh."
We say it a lot on the NXT.
Because whether the crowd is light, we had a bad rehearsal, someone important is out there
or we're just no feeling it -
if we say, "Let's make each other laugh."
It reminds us (or me, at least) that that's really ALL we have to do.
Make people laugh.

With AC,
I can honestly say that is all we ever do.
We're all funny people and I think we do our job well,
at the end of any given show,
we've at least put one person in our group in a fit of hysterics.
(Let's face it, that "one person" is generally me.)
But, I think we're good at what we do because we get along so well.
We actually love each other... like distant relatives.

A troupe that drinks together... sinks together.
No, that's not right.
A troupe who does bits together... fits together.


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