Saturday, March 27, 2010

So long ago you happened, dear Summer...

Here's a playlist you should make on your computers.
Because it reminds me of last year's summer.
And why wouldn't YOU want to be reminded of my summer?
That you may or may not have been a part of.

1. "If It Kills Me" - Jason Mraz (in the sketch I wrote for the NXT show)
2. "Knock You Down" - Keri Hilson (ah, the porch..)
3. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin?" - Michael Jackson (He died.)

Shot of last summer: Evan and I listening to the Thriller album (in a record player!) while making several thousand tiny peanut butter and jelly/fluff/nutella sandwiches. I said, "He was just so good! I didn't realize he wrote all this stuff." and Evan said, "Yeah, but crazy! He wrote these lyrics but c'mon, 'You're a vegetable? You're a vegetable? They eat off of you? You're a vegetable?' That doesn't make any sense."

And that's it. Three songs. Go enjoy them.
Over and over.

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