Saturday, March 6, 2010

Springtime for Hit...Patler.

Today I woke up and realized it was almost spring. The sun was shining and the temperature was around 50 degrees. I left the house without a coat on, which I'll admit was a little premature. I got an iced coffee and met with Cavan for a sit on the ol' porch. The porch is a public greenway in the North End with fountains (during the summer) and benches and tables. We call it the porch because it's like our own personal front yard. The picture above is a view from the porch. Totes gorge.

During rehearsal for Awkward Compliment, I just sort of felt like the entire winter didn't happen. (Thankfully.) Having the porch back (I mean, it's always there, but barely warm enough to spend time on) and just hanging out with my friends. Just bein' with friends and hanging out with them. My friends. Hanging with my friends. It just felt like... new. And old. Like last summer. But new old times. I love a new old time.

I'm glad spring is almost here. All my winter blues are slowly fading away. And this winter was a doozy! So, on to the next thing!

By the way, it's 7pm and I only had 2 Coors Lites with 1/2 price app dinner with AC, yet somehow I feel drunk...


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