Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uncle Nick comes to Suffolk U.

Last night, for the first time since I was 14 or 15 - I turned into a fan girl again.

(I'm leaving out the time I went to see the premiere of Fever Pitch at Fenway Park for Jimmy Fallon. Shut it down.)

Except, this time, it wasn't for the Backstreet Boys - it was for a gay man. Which, I can hear you saying, "So, the Backstreet Boys aren't gay men?" And to that I say, "Shut up." I can also hear you saying, "Patty, don't you always go all 'fan girl' for gay men in your regular life?" And to that, I say "Shut up."

But no, last night, I went to see my FAVORITE Project Runway designer, Nick Verreos, speak at Suffolk University. Sure, I graduated two years ago. Sure I had Becky sneak me in. But Season 2 of Project Runway is my favorite season of the show. In addition to tremendous talent, everyone just had personality. But Nick was always the best - because he was serious about fashion, a great designer and super cheeky without being mean to anyone.

I was glad to see that the way he was on the show wasn't an act and he is actually that funny, cheeky, appreciative and nice in real life. I absolutely adored him. It was like a mix of comedy and fashion, my ideal world! And fine, I met him afterwards and he was super sweet. I wanted to hang out with him forever.

He gave a lot of dirt about the show - like the time Tim Gunn said, "I would beat the bitch with a bat" about a recently auf'd contestant. But, he also approached certain subjects that I was inspired by/related to.

He talked about how people think he's a sell out for doing a lot of fashion coverage and TV engagements and all that, and that other Project Runway contestants turn them down all the time. But he said that he doesn't turn things he is genuinely interested in down, and he's always grateful for being asked. If he gets an offer to talk about fashion on the red carpet or on CNN or a E!, he'll do it because he likes talking fashion. He did Project Runway because it actually showed a realistic view of the fashion world and it could potentially take his line and brand to another level. Which it did. But he keeps taking on other opportunities for the same reason - and it's working like a charm. He's gaining more clients just by being nice, being grateful for the opportunities that he's given and accepting anything that'll help propel his career. Heidi Klum wears his dresses all the time, which she doesn't have to do just because he was a former contestant, she just likes him as a designer and as a person.

Huh... I've been hearing that a lot lately. Just be nice. Be nice and you'll go places. Work hard and you'll go places. It's not about who you know and who you blow, talent trumps all.

Hmm.... interesting.

P.s. Watch this, Project Runway the Musical. Hilarious.

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becky said...

anytime you need me to sneak you into an event pats, i can beat down bitches with baseball bats.


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