Friday, March 5, 2010

"what's up babe? I'm chillin at an Indian Nightclub"

After Awkward Compliment shows on Thursdays, we always go to Mike's. But, Mike's closes at 12. Sometimes, on special occasions - or when we really haven't had enough of each other - we go to Diva Lounge after. It's basically an Indian Nightclub. They play techno and pop hits yet have Indian music videos (with no sound) being projected on a giant white wall. It's always dead on Thursdays nights, so we get this huge comfy couch area to ourselves. And, for bit's sake, we get a round of Taj Mahal's. And dance.

Casey said to the waitress, "What do you recommend?" And she said, "A sex on the beach with peach liquor." Casey replied, "No, I'm talking about drinks." He is lucky he's very handsome, or else no girl would date him based on his crude pick-up lines. He asked her what her name was, and she told him it was Uliana. He repeated it, then forgot it, and decided to call her "skunk hair" instead. I know, ladies. He's an idiot. But you have to excuse him. He had to grew up in hideous Italy and the only toy he had to play with was pasta. So you have to love him. I do!


I love Awkward Compliment. I love them as people, I love performing with them and I love drinking beers with them. Sometimes they treat me like I'm a girl. Sometimes. 

DiBello: Casey, I've read all your texts.
Casey: It's ok. I think I only got one. From some girl I don't care about.
Me: But wouldn't that be all girls?
Casey: Exactly.
Me: But I'm a girl! Do you care about me?
Casey: You're not a girl!

FML. [In his defense, he finished that statement with, "You're a woman!" but it's funnier when I leave that party out.] If you're in the Massachusetts area, you should come check out a show on Thursdays nights at 8. Or, you can hang out with us any day of the week. This weekend we're going to do drugs. Tons of drugs.


becky said...

i love diva. the walls always remind me of a justin timberlake video.

Bernard Harris said...

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