Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Bollywood calls...

The fun part about being friends with Matt is he puts me in his Bollywood videos, movies and such. He has formed relationships with all these creative people, mainly ones who know how to operate cameras and direct movies and videos. It has worked out for the best, because he gets to write super fun stuff and get it shot - and they get to produce great videos, bulk up their portfolio and, in some cases, win awards!

"Hi, I'd like to donate some blood... and I'm gonna fuck this bear."
He's made some fun partnerships and the stuff I've worked on has been really fun. And Matt knows a lot of talented people (I'm talking about me, here) so, we help him. I help him. I HELP. Like last night. Where I played a doctor. Not really. I played a receptionist. But, I was wearing a lab coat with a name tag that said "Micah Abdur" on it, so... I was basically an Indian doctor. I didn't speak. Just reacted to Matt. But, I'm still going to be famous for it.

Me getting my makeup done.
And by "getting my makeup done" I mean "doing my own makeup in the bathroom"
This particular project is being shot and directed by Doug Quill.
Written by Matt Gudernatch.
Enhanced by Patty Barrett.

See other videos he's done here!
(I'm even in some of them... with speaking roles!)

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