Monday, March 15, 2010

you got me trippin, stumblin...

i fall. a lot. like a lot, a lot. and nearly every time i fall it's because i'm clumsy. BUT, i'm only clumsy because of my terrible ankles.  (ok, fine... and also because of intoxication. every now and then I'll fall out of a chair... or an entire row of chairs knocking all the chairs down... while a show is going on.)

god, my stupid ankles. i hate my ankles. i've sprained them three times in the past ten years. once i tripped on some sort of stick. the other time i fell during the Walk for Hunger. and the last time, I fell down the stairs at a bar (typical). it's all because i don't wear the right shoes. and i love shoes! i love cute shoes! but... my stupid ankles hate cute shoes. because they're not supportive. because of THIS.

that first image is a normal foot! that last image is my foot. except, my arches are even higher than that. so my footprint looks a lot like this, and my ankle does this when I walk:

There's no connection in the middle at all. It's just two tear drops trying to meet in the middle, but they just can't find the time to meet. It's sad, actually. But, I will not... I refuse... to wear orthopedic shoes! Or sneakers in my every day life! I AM A 23 YEAR OLD WOMAN.

With terrible, awful feet and ankles.
That also cause back problems.
And turn my ankles into tennis balls at the end of the day.
ugh, I'M 90!!!

Anyways, I'm witing this blog because I haven't been able to sleep comfortably because I wore bad shoes on Friday and it's fucked me up for three days straight. So... everyone... take care of your foot needs.

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